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台大醫學院微生物學科教授兼主任 (1999/08-2005/08)
台大醫學院研究發展室主任 (2004~)
台大醫學院附設醫院內科住院醫師 (1984-1989)
台大醫學院附設醫院內科主治醫師 (1989∼)
台大醫學院細菌學科副教授 (1984-1999



My research areas include:
(1) Microbiology and molecular biology of Helicobacter pylori     
(2) Transfusion transmitted viral infections.  For the first area the major goals are to identify virulence factors of the bacterium associated with different  clinical diseases. The techniques of phage expression library, transposon shuttle mutagenesis and DNA microarrays are currently used.  For the second area a well characterised cohort is adopted for evaluation of incidence ,clinical outcome, and implication for blood donor screening  in transfusion associated viral infections.




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